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About the Calendar

Why Submit an Event to the Tufts Events Calendar?

The Tufts Events Calendar is the hub of information for what is happening across Tufts' three campuses. It is linked from the main Tufts homepage and the Tufts Now homepage, as well as the weekly campus-wide Announcement emails.

If you want your event to get noticed both by external and internal audiences at Tufts and the central communications staff, submitting it to the Tufts Events Calendar is the best thing to do.

For more information on submitting an event, please review our events calendar criteria.

Featured Events

On the homepage of the Tufts Events Calendar, we feature some of the most interesting and prominent events coming up across Tufts' three campuses, representing the diversity of activity at the university. Featured Events are found on the main Tufts homepage, the homepage of Tufts Now, the campus-wide digital signage network and elsewhere on the top-level pages of They are selected by the editorial staff in the Office of Web Communications, drawing solely from events that have been submitted into the Tufts Events Calendar system.

Using the Calendar


The new events calendar makes it easy to share events with others. Social sharing options can help facilitate increased awareness of your event by allowing individuals to share the information with their social networks.

To share an event, first click the title (example: Chamber Orchestra Concert) to be taken to that event's page. Below the event description, you will see a number of sharing options.

  • Social Media: To share the event via Facebook or Twitter, click the desired icon (you may be prompted to log into the site). On Facebook, the event detail page will post to your Facebook wall. On Twitter, your tweet will include event info and a link to the event detail page.
  • Email: To forward the event to friends via email, either click the "Forward to Friends" link or select it from the "Other Event Actions" dropdown. Then fill out the fields and click "Send Email."
  • Other: If you'd rather share the event in another way, you can get a direct URL to a specific event's page by clicking "Link Directly to this Event."
  • QR codes: The new events calendar automatically creates QR (quick response) codes for each event that you can download and add to a website or printed material. To access this, click the QR icon at the bottom-right of the event page.
Changing Views

The events calendar offers two different views for the list of events: more details and fewer details. To toggle between these, choose an option from the dropdown menu titled "Layout Preference."

You can also view a static version of the calendar if your mobile device is having trouble displaying the site or your browser has javascript disabled. The link to this view is at the bottom of the left-hand sidebar.

Filtering Items

Tufts' list of events can get quite long. To filter the list, you can choose a specific campus or school under the "Campus" and "School" dropdown menus in the left-hand sidebar. Additionally, you can filter events by category by placing checkmarks in the boxes next to the categories of events you want to be displayed.


Enter a search term in the field under "Search Events" and click "Go." If the word appears in the title, description, or location of an event, it will display as a search result.


The events calendar offers embeddable widgets to place on your department or school's website. The widgets can display events pertaining to a specific school, campus or location. For more information about these widgets, please submit your question via the "Contact Us" form in the navigation.

Other Event Actions

The "Other Event Actions" dropdown menu offers way to stay up-to-date with the events that interest you. The options available via this menu allow you to:

  • Send yourself event information via email or text message
  • Add events to various calendar platforms (e.g. Google, Yahoo)
  • Download event information (e.g. iCal)
  • Send reminders to yourself via email or text message
  • Set up email notifications in case the event details change.

You can access this menu in two ways:

  1. For individual or multiple events: Check off the events you're interested in on the main calendar and use the "Other Event Actions" dropdown in the upper-right corner.
  2. For individual events only: Go to an individual event page and use the "Other Event Actions" dropdown below the event information.

Calendar Features

Campus Map Integration

The Tufts Events Calendar is fully integrated with the Tufts Campus Maps [link], providing our users with consistent and up-to-date information on both what to do and how to get there. If you see any errors, please let us know.

RSS Feeds

RSS feeds are available for each school, campus or event category, as well as for all events. Feeds are automatically updated with new events meeting the chosen criteria. To subscribe to an individual school, campus or category, click "RSS Feeds" in the navigation and you will see a list of the available feeds. To subscribe to all Tufts events, click the RSS icon in the top-right corner of the "All Events" page.

Learn more about RSS feeds and see more Tufts RSS feeds.

QR Codes

The Tufts Events Calendar automatically creates QR (quick response) codes for all events submitted to the system. A QR code is a bar code containing a link to relevant and mobile-specific online content --in this case, the event detail page-- to enhance offline media (e.g. posters, flyers, store windows, etc.).

Incorporating QR code images generated by the Tufts Events Calendar into your event marketing materials can drive users from your flyers and brochures directly to the online event listing, from which point they can share it via social media, add it to their personal calendar or forward it along to friends.

Individuals can scan a QR code with any number of apps available for camera-enabled smartphones (iPhone, Android, etc.). Search for "QR" in your app store. Many are available free of charge.

You can get your QR code image by clicking on the small bar code square in the lower right-hand corner of your event detail page (after the event has already been submitted and approved). A new window will launch with options for downloading the image in different sizes.

Events on the Go

You can view Featured Events via Tufts' mobile website, available at

Event Planning and Promotion at Tufts

Planning an Event on Campus

For information on planning an event on the Medford/Somerville, Boston or Grafton campus, please consult our event and meeting planning guide.

Coverage of Your Event

If you are interested in preview or recap coverage of your event via Tufts' news or social media channels, please let us know. Please note that final editorial decisions rest with University Relations staff.